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Our Case Studies

Case Study

Our client, now publicly traded company in the US, needed our help to enter the US market. The company was operating in Japan for over 15 years and was a top SaaS company in Japan with customers in industries such as, manufacturing, banking, clothing and software. They were engaged with the top industries in Japan and generating $20M in revenue from these clients, in Japan. They wanted to do the same in the US. 

With our process and system, we created a solution for them to enter the US market by getting appointments and opportunities with specific companies that would benefits from their specific software and offering. The majority of our process was to convince the US customer base to take a change at a company newly entering the US arena. 

We implemented our system of learning their software and offerings, determining which companies in the US would be interested in using it, and establishing a way to find them prospects and customers, by getting companies to take the initial meeting and listening to the pitch. 

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We had the difficult task of finding the potential prospects, getting appointments and doing the initial calls to sell the idea of a foreign company to be able to provide the service levels required in the US market. The task of evangelizing the non-US company and showing the US clients that the company could handle the unique nature of the market, fell on the soldiers of our team. 

After the initial process of 2-3 months of research, fine tuning the scripts and communication methods, our team was able to create a stable and steady funnel of 1-2 appointments per week, within a period of 4 months. Rather than just setting appointments , we helped in setting up the client with customers and helped them understand what the company could offer them and be successful, even as a new player in the US market.

The conversion process of lead to sale had the oneness on the client, but they were able to convert an average of 2 sales per month, with an average sale of $200K ARR and a contract term of 2 years. By utilizing our services, they were able to increase sale in the US to gradually become 25% of their company revenues within the first 1.5 years and 45% within 3 years of entering the US Market. 

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